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SCS E-Shop: The Last Goodbye



mie., 4 noiembrie
SCS E-Shop: The Last Goodbye
As we approach the end of the year, we wish to remind you that our Official SCS Software E-Shop will be closing on November 30th at 23:59 UTC, as previously announced. From that time onwards, there, unfortunately, will be no official way to purchase our Euro Truck Simulator 2, American Truck Simulator, and SCS Software merchandise.


However, for the last month of the E-Shop's operations, we are hosting a variety of special offers across our whole range of merchandise. So whether you are looking for that perfect Christmas gift for your co-driver or just wanting to own your own piece of trucking swag, you won't want to miss out on this sale!

Since our original blog announcement, we have received thousands of orders from across the world, with more popular items selling out quickly. Today we have replenished some of these sold-out items as we found more stock in some of our storage areas; however, this stock is in limited supplyso be sure to check whether an item on your Wishlist is now back in stock.


We have also introduced a new special offer! If you spend €20 or more (including shipping), you will receive a free secret gift. What is this special gift? It could be anything! Hoodies, lanyards, shirts, an ETS2 mug... you will only find out what it is when it arrives at your door. 

However, that is not all! To spice up the last month of our E-Shop, we've had members of the SCS Software team sign dozens of items such as the Enchanted Edition of American Truck Simulator, Mugs and Posters. So, there is a chance you could receive some of these limited signed items as part of your regular order or for the secret gift!


As winter approaches, we encourage you to consider ordering one of our extremely comfy and warm ETS2 or ATS hoodies, especially as they are on-sale at their lowest price ever starting from only €19.90! Also if you decide to buy 2 hoodies, you will receive a free copy of the Enchanted Edition of American Truck Simulator, what a bargain! 


We'd also like to remind customers that due to the current on-going situation around the world and here in the Czech Republic, postal services and shipping companies are working under a limited capacity. For this reason, we are unfortunately unable to give you an ETA on your order. Please know that our e-shop team is working hard to fulfill and ship all orders as quickly as possible.

So that is all folks, once they are gone they are gone! So be sure to order quickly to secure the items you want. We thank you all for the continued support and patience during this time, and we hope you will enjoy any items or special gifts you may receive.


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